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About Us

Trev is a seasoned
accountant who completed a CGA education 20 years ago, and a lifelong resident/citizen of B.C.  He has additional education in hotel restaurant management,
investments, insurance, mortgages, and has an extensive background/experience in real estate, mortgages and property management.  Also he has diplomas in business management, office administration, building management, rental property/strata management, and advanced level experience in all the popular software for Windows and Mac including cloud applications.

Started the green public practice prior to finishing a CGA education with the mission to have a close working relationship with businesses, law firms, developments, hotels, restaurants, non profits, charities and properties that is more than just preparing the reports and tax returns.  It is looking beyond the numbers on the page to how those numbers affect the client's short and long term future.  I have chosen to continue refer as CGA in spite of the merger of accounting associations.  Many of us in the industry disagree with the merger of CGA, CA, CMA into the CPA.  CGA, CA, and CMA can't be and should never have been combined because each has different mandates and education. 

A business alliance partner collaborating with the very best and experienced in business, real estate, home inspection, business law, mortgages, insurance, investment, group health, and retirement planning.  The host of monthly roundtable discussions on finance and business.

Established relationships with experienced licensed insolvency trustees who can help reduce or eliminate your debt with a consumer proposal or as a last resort file for bankruptcy.


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Office Location:  New Westminster/Burnaby for businesses and properties in Vancouver, Burnaby, New Westminster

Telephone:  778 847 0904


Each month the #financeproUSandCanada hosts a roundtable discussion to provide qualified and valuable information in finance, business, real estate.  The meetings are scheduled on the facebook group:  #finance101

The podcast of the #financeproUSandCanada for sharing important information, and
qualified opinions

           Office located in Burnaby/New Westminster for businesses and properties in Vancouver, Burnaby, New Westminster